game art

Mnemonic Devices (2019)

Mnemonic Devices bedroom background illustration Mnemonic Devices alley background illustration Mnemonic Devices apartment background illustration
Mnemonic Devices is a free visual novel created for the NaNoRenO 2019 game jam. The entire game was completed in the span of one month. Background design and illustration were planned and created with perspective drawing techniques, photo references, and photobashing.

Ciikos Bridge (2016)

Ciikos Bridge - Taku's Home background illustration Ciikos Bridge - Meadow background illustration Ciikos Bridge - Caligo bridge background illustration Ciikos Bridge  - Faun Prince Ratsu character design Ciikos Bridge - Kamiya Shinji/Passagekeeper character design Ciikos Bridge - Tanukawa character design Ciikos Bridge trading item illustrations Ciikos Bridge GUI preferences screen Ciikos Bridge in-game GUI textbox and choice menu
Ciikos Bridge began as a NaNoRenO 2015 project and was completed over the course of a year. The game includes ~14 backgrounds, 8 character sprites, 22+ item illustrations, and 1 event illustration. blistered/rei was the sole artist for this title.

Helena's Flowers (2015)

Helena's Flowers crash site background illustration Helena's Flowers ruins background illustration Helena's Flowers character art
Helena's Flowers is a free visual novel completed for Yuri Game Jam 2015. The entire project was completed in one and a half to two months. The game uses modular backgrounds to create new scenes by remixing assets. Character and event illustration line art was done by blistered/rei and colored by Adirosa.